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Teeth mal-alignment may be genetic, due to past trauma to the jaw, tooth extraction or childhood habits such as thumb sucking…

Orthodontics By Professional Dentists – Braces, Plates, Smilefast For Crooked Teeth

Teeth mal-alignment may be genetic, due to past trauma to the jaw, tooth extraction or childhood habits such as thumb sucking, dummies or tongue thrust. Orthodontics (braces) help our patients achieve beautiful and healthy smile.

Problems with teeth alignment becomes generally noticeable around the age of 8 to 14. Treatment at this phase is best because that’s the time that facial/jaw growth occurs. Orthodontic treatment can also be carried out in adults with good general dental health, although teeth movement may be a little slower than in children.

There is more to braces than simply making teeth straight –

Hygiene – when teeth are severely crowded, it is often extremely hard to clean properly between the teeth. It may not seem like a big problem in the early years of life. Over a long period of time, the gum gets constantly irritated from the plaque (full of bacteria!) that cannot be cleaned thoroughly, leading to gum disease.


The teeth are also more susceptible to decay. Getting proper teeth alignment will mean the toothbrush and floss can effectively remove the bacteria build-up around your teeth, keeping them healthy.

The upper and lower teeth function best when aligned upright, so that the biting forces are evenly distributed between the teeth in the front, the back and the left and the right hand side. If the teeth are severely crowded or tipped, and had not been rectified early on, the affected teeth may wear out unevenly over time.

There are a few different ways to move teeth. Small (metal or tooth- coloured ceramic) bracket is glued to the teeth and are linked by a thin wire. Periodically, the braces are adjusted, applying gentle pressure to gradually move teeth toward the desired position. Thereafter, a clear retainer is worn so that the new teeth position is stablised for a period of time. Treatment time is generally between 24-30 months, although some cases can be shorter, or longer depending on the severity of the case.

At Parkwood Green, we take pride in thorough patient assessment, pre-treatment discussion and planning, so that our patients know exactly what they’re in for, and also that the treatment plan is suited to your specific needs and circumstances. Payment plans are also available.


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