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With a gentle and professional approach, we provide all our patients with high-quality, long lasting dental care. We hope to change people’s perceptions of dentistry.


Dental Care

Parkwood Green Dental hopes to be your number one choice for all your emergency dental care needs. Our team of expert dentists are always here to help you.


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We shall collaborate with you to pinpoint the most suitable payment options. Not only do we accept all private health insurers, but under the Medicare Child Dental…


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Consultation is by appointment only. To book now call Parkwood Green Dental on (03) 9449 4100 and we will ensure you get the country’s best dental care.



Parkwood Green Dental

Parkwood Green Dental provides basic and advanced dental care, which is essential to restoreand maintain your oral health. We are your best bet if you are looking for a professional dentist nearby.
Parkwood Green Dental is one of the popular dental care centers in Melbourne. We offer quality dental care services in and around Hillside.


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Our Specialty

We offer a high standard of dental services that can be a convenience for all patients. In addition, we have listed a few of our prime advantages:

1. High-Quality Dental Services and Treatments
Parkwood Green Dental offers gentle and professional dental care service by using the latest technology in the dental world. We offer high-quality dental services for various dental problems,including orthodontics, cosmetic restorative fillings, dento-facial aesthetics, and implants.
2. Professional Dental Care Service
Our dental experts are vastly experienced and highly trained in handling all types of dental issues and offer you professional dental care services. We work with the vision of offering dental care with high success and accomplishment.
3. Easy and Flexible Payment Option
Unlike other dental care providers in and around Melbourne city, we accept payments in many forms. We let our clients decide which payment type will suit them more and work with them accordingly.
4. Schedule Appointment
We prefer our clients to make appointments for our consultation services from our dentists. Our friendly dentists will make you feel like you are at a home away from home.
To schedule your appointment, dial (03) 9449 4100 to receive the best and affordable dental care services.

Dr Roy Hui

Graduated From Melbourne Uni.

Dr. Roy Hui

Dr. Roy Hui graduated from Melbourne University Dental School and commenced practice in the charming….


Dr, Anjali

Graduated from La Trobe Uni.

Dr Anjali Nathan

Anjali graduated from La Trobe University with a Masters in Dentistry. After working in the rural town of Ballarat….


Dr Max Lee

RACDS (Melb)

Dr Max Lee

Dr Max Lee graduated from Melbourne Dental School in 2013. He practiced in Singapore for five years, before…..


Dr. William Galanos

BDsc Melb

Dr William Galanos

Dr. William has been practicing for over 40 years after graduating from the University of Melbourne…


Why Choose Us

What’s Our Speciality


To offer better patient care by adopting the best dental practices and by employing the best skilled dental health care professionals, by doing so to achieve sustainable growth in the dental care world.


To be a leader in the dental community by offering quality oral health care services and by urging people to have a healthy living and to educate people about the value of oral health.


Professional Dental Care


At Parkwood Green Dental, we provide basic and advanced general dental care designed to maintain and restore oral health.




Teeth mal-alignment may be genetic, due to past trauma to the jaw, tooth extraction or childhood habits such as…




Too many people with conventional dentures don’t wear them simply because they don’t stay in place. Dental….

Cosmetic Restorative Fillings Hillside



Bacteria and acids naturally produced in the oral cavity, if left unattended without constant hygienic touch ups…


The best solution


A dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth. They are recommended in cases where removable dentures…


Painless fixes


A crown is a dental restoration which completely encircles the existing natural tooth and restores it to its natural form…




The visible part of the tooth is not the only part of it! Root canal treatments involve the removal of bacteria and ease…


Your first dental appointment will involve a check-up, during which your dentist will perform the following tasks:

  • Inquire about your health, any changes in your medication, and the condition of your teeth since your last visit.
  • Examine your teeth, gums, and mouth.
  • Administer any necessary treatments, tests, or X-rays deemed necessary.
  • Ask about your lifestyle habits and provide advice on how to improve your oral health through diet, smoking cessation, alcohol reduction, and teeth cleaning techniques.
  • Advise you on when to return for your next check-up, which can range from every 3 months to 2 years depending on your individual needs.

Ensuring regular dental visits is crucial for maintaining optimum oral health, despite the adherence to good oral hygiene habits. Such appointments offer an opportunity for your dentist to conduct an assessment of your teeth and gums, and identify any possible issues in their nascent stage, including dental caries, periodontal ailments, or oral malignancies.

Parkwood Green Dental offers a range of dental services, which could differ based on the specific office. Common services include regular check-ups, scale and cleans, fillings, extractions and implants, and orthodontic treatments.

The frequency with which you should visit a dental clinic depends on your individual needs. While it is generally recommended to visit the dentist twice a year, this may not be the ideal frequency for everyone. Factors such as your oral hygiene practices, habits, and medical conditions will determine how often you should see a dentist.

Your dentist will advise you on the frequency of your dental visits based on your unique needs. So, always remember to inquire about when you should schedule your next appointment. Additionally, don’t worry as your dentist will likely recommend when they want to see you next anyway.

Seeking dental care during pregnancy is not only secure but also immensely beneficial for promoting well-being for both the mother and the developing fetus. Proper oral hygiene and care during pregnancy can prevent dental complications linked with adverse pregnancy outcomes. Our team can educate you on hormonal changes that occur in the mouth during pregnancy and recommend the most effective management strategies. Furthermore, enhancing your oral health can also positively impact your child’s future oral health and cultivate healthy oral hygiene practices for your entire family.

Our practice hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. Please note that our clinic remains closed on Sundays.

What Our Patients Say

One word : Unreal! 🙌 Dr.William and the team are on point 👌👌👌 I now have an unrealistic set of standards in my mind of how dental care should be. 🙏
david charlesworth
david charlesworth
The team at Parkwood Green dental were absolutely fantastic and put mind at ease knowing that I’m not a fan of dentist, Nikki was fantastic in making sure that I felt comfortable. Highly recommended
Rachel McGuire
Rachel McGuire
We have been long time customers of Parkwood Green dental. Service has been great and helpful.
Allissar Antonios
Allissar Antonios
From the first greeting till you leave, my complete experience was great. Dr Roy and his nurse Michelle were fantastic. Dr Roy clearly explained each step and what I should expect. My first visit was for a filling where he also advised to take care as my teeth grinding was damaging my teeth and gave me techniques to help prevent it. A few weeks later he got me in urgently as I cracked my wisdom tooth and needed to get it extracted which he did with minimal pain for me. Always professional and polite, putting me at ease and making the total experience pain free. I would highly recommend.
Tahlia's World
Tahlia’s World
Worst experience, I originally booked to have my tooth looked at for the pain and clean, Dr Roy cleaned my teeth and when it came to look at my tooth he said time is up you have to re book. Now out of pocket and still with a sore tooth so I decided to re book to have my tooth looked at again. I arrived and was greated rudely by the receptionist, I tell her that I’m here to have my tooth looked at for the pain and she responded by saying that I had again only booked in a clean, I said I’m not here for a clean and that there must be some kind of mistake and she responded with you only booked a half hour appointment. I said who books in a half hour appointment ? I only booked in for my tooth so she then says I’m wrong and wouldn’t let me speak. I just walked out and will never go back again. Nor will any of my family.
rosa lotesto
rosa lotesto
Dr Roy and Michelle were absolutely amazing. I had a very long and complicated work done for my teeth but they were very professional, and the outcome was outstanding. I am thrilled with the results. I will highly recommend Dr Roy to anyone. He is great and so is Michelle and also Janine at reception organizing all my appointments. Thankyou guys.
Mark Heidenrijk
Mark Heidenrijk
Janine is amazing so helpful and Roy is a legend. Infact they are all very lovely at Parkwood Green Dental. I mean no one likes the dentist let’s be straight there. But Parkwood Green do make an unpleasant experience a lot more enjoyable. Thank you for your excellent service. Regards Mark
Lella. Baldacchino
Lella. Baldacchino
My husband had a very positive experience at Parkwood Green Dental today. Would highly recommend Parkwood Green Dental to family and friends
David Delzoppo
David Delzoppo
Dr Galanos is awesome! I struggle with going to the dentist but he made it so much easier. Thanks again

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